story – or else | zero-waste dresses

patterns rooted in history

for more than 10 years, I’ve been designing and making my own clothes. I’d buy yards of beautiful linen and cotton to create unique garments and be left with heaps of fabric scraps in the end. every new dress in my wardrobe would also add to that pile of leftovers.

one day, my aunt introduced me to the way traditional ukrainian dresses were constructed — each assembled out of carefully measured rectangles, putting every inch of its fabric to use. I started to experiment with that concept, and what seemed limiting at first turned out to be liberating. 

the further I went with exploring the long-forgotten patterns of the past the more I realized how much we shifted away from respecting craftsmanship to appreciating the comfort of abundance. this idea became unsettling.

what I know now is that I can’t go back to designing clothes like I used to — like most still do. I’ve made it a personal challenge to elevate the beauty of zero-waste designs. now it’s time for me to take the next step and share it with others. or else…